I am so glad that Rebecca was present at my birth and there for me in the weeks leading up to the day that has changed my life forever. Her presence is yummy and nurturing and she deeply cares about creating an optimal experience for you.  Being in contact in the weeks leading up to the birth she kept me inspired and encouraged with text messages and pictures. At the birth itself she was invaluable.  We had a short and intense birthing experience at home, and she was right there, gently in my ear reminding me to breathe, cheering me on, using her hands to help soothe my hardworking body. Immediately afterwards she managed to take some gorgeous photos and even had nourishing snacks in her magic doula bag.  Rebecca Transformed my experience of the birth from one of personal work to one of a true team effort; I felt that supported.  In the postpartum visits she helped me with expressing my milk, how to get a good latch, and we talked about diapering and babywearing.  This was all great but for me it was knowing I had someone to reach out to, who had a similar experience, who just got it and could communicate that knowing with a glance. I can't recommend Rebecca highly enough. She is fantastic.” Luella S

“I had my first baby girl in October of 2015.  I had always want to wear her but we found it a challenge from the start, and I ended up giving up so I could focus on becoming a mother.  Fast forward a few months and I gave my Boba another try and my daughter Vivian seemed agreeable.  I knew that we needed help and I wanted to approach baby wearing from a deeper level but wasn't sure how.  I found Rebecca on Instagram and KNEW she was a kindred spirit just from her beautiful posts. I took a shot and reached out to her and asked if she ever did baby wearing consults.  She got back to me quickly and we set up something on her friends beautiful farm with my husband and daughter.  We spent the afternoon with her and it changed everything as I hoped it would.  Rebecca took her time and went deep into babywearing tips and skills which is what I needed.  Vivian loved her and by the end we were wearing wraps that Vivian had previously hated.  As I suspected, Rebecca is a warm soul, full of love and light and a patient teacher.  I left and ended up emailing her even more questions which she has graciously answered.  In addition to having an extremely helpful class, you will leave the Moonhouse feeling as if you've made a new friend in Rebecca.” Heather M

"As the doula for the birth of our daughter, Rebecca provided incredible support for our family before, during, and after the birth. This was our third child but our first experience with a doula, and we can’t say enough about how much Rebecca’s knowledge, skills, and compassion meant to us throughout the process. Her presence was calming and reassuring, and with our worries at ease, this made the entire birth experience the joyful experience it should be."  Nara & Steve I.

"When I arrived, and I saw the area all set up for us, and the whiteboard with my name and our agenda, I felt really welcomed. I was excited to feel all the fabric, and learn all about a new thing for me, babywearing.   When Rebecca left me alone for a few minutes, to orient myself with all the carriers and wraps, I was first excited, and then a little overwhelmed as I was saying to myself "what the heck do you do with this thing?" But then it was fun, touching them all and trying to figure it out....and when I did figure out the mei tai, I felt very proud of myself. That's when she came back, and shared the basic steps, which was so nice to have a visual! Once we got into it, it was great to watch her first, and then try on my own. When I struggled, she gave me just the direction I needed in the moment, not too much, not too little. My goal was to learn a couple of ties really well, which we discussed ahead of time, so she was right on with teaching to my goals. When I left, I felt really confident about the two ties Rebecca shared with me. I've been able to practice on my own, and I'm surprised every time that I totally remember how to do it. I'm looking forward to another session, because I know it will build on what I know already, and I'll have it solid when I leave. Thank you so much Rebecca!"  Martha B