Midwife Annique Sampson, CPM, LM, NHCM listens to a baby boy during his newborn examine at a birth in Vermont, late summer 2015. 

Empowering you through birth, bonding, and beyond.

As a birth doula, I am here to provide unbiased, open, compassionate and professional care to individuals as they walk their path of motherhood.  The goal is to help you have the birth experience you want.  Working with mindfulness, breathing techniques, laboring positions, visualizations, and relaxation strategies, we can strive to overcome any fears that may be presenting themselves for you, and move forward with a plan to move through the labor process with joy and comfort, and bring your baby into the world in a way that feels right for you.  

Birth doula support includes

  • 2 prenatal meetings
  • Birth Visualization Assistance
  • Touring the Birthing Center or home 
  • 24-hour on call support for 2 weeks prior to, and 10 days beyond the Estimated Due Date
  • Back-Up  labor Support 
  • Birth photography as possible while filling the support role
  • 2 postpartum follow up visits
  • Newborn and family photography available
  • Babywearing Education


Prenatal Visits: As a doula I am here to guide and support you in your role of becoming parents, a most exciting, sacred, and special time in your lives.  The scope of the doulas practices is non-medical; a doula provides emotional, physical and informational support to the family during the pregnancy, labor and birth, and in the postpartum period.  Prenatal visits provide an opportunity for the doula, and the mother and her partner to get to know each other, discuss any health or medical concerns, and voice any emotional or physical needs. It also allows the birthing couple a chance to discuss their hopes and visions for the birth of their baby; discussing this with the doula will allow everyone to understand how the doula can best support the family in achieving the birth they desire to have. These visits also present an opportunity for the doula to describe and demonstrate particular labor support techniques, and present the couple with a variety of measures they can then familiarize themselves with, to help prepare as best as possible for the demands of labor. Collectively, we can create an individualized plan of support, and devise a birth and postpartum plan that works to achieve your birth goals.

Prenatal visits are typically one hour in length, and take place at the family’s home, or another location (in reasonable driving distance to the doula) they choose that is best or most comfortable for them.  If desired, I am available to meet with the family’s healthcare provider in the prenatal period, and make an effort to become familiar with the chosen birth location, be it out of the home.  I will be available by phone or text for any questions, concerns or support needs during the pregnancy period. ALWAYS CONTACT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IN CASE OF ANY MEDICAL EMERGENCY OR IF THERE IS ANY SUSPICION OF A HEALTH RELATED PROBLEM PRIOR TO CONTACTING THE DOULA.

On call:  On call coverage will begin 24/7 “call” starting at 38 weeks, until the time of birth.  I will be available at all times by cell phone, and also by home phone during evening hours. Email or text messages are fine for discussing questions or addressing any minor concerns preceding the onset of labor; however, please communicate via phone call if there is ever any suspicion of a medical problem, or labor is imminent.  ALWAYS CONTACT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IN CASE OF ANY MEDICAL EMERGENCY OR IF THERE IS ANY SUSPICION OF A HEALTH RELATED PROBLEM PRIOR TO CONTACTING THE DOULA.

I will notify and/or discuss any personal or familial situations that may arise and potentially conflict with her ability to take call for any reason at any point in the scheduled time frame.  Backup coverage will be provided, if desired, and if possible, in the event that there could be an unavoidable and unforeseen conflict during the time of labor and delivery.

Labor Support: As your birth doula, I will arrive at the family’s home if and when they feel they are ready for support once the process of labor has begun.  The family may choose to labor independently as long as desired, but should remain in close communication with me, by phone, when they wish for me to come, and to update any changes in the course of labor, or should there be any medical concern, and notify me when the family is ready for me to accompany them to the birthing center if applicable.  There I will provide continuous support and care for the laboring mother and family, and will remain with the mother through delivery of the baby, and for one to two hours following delivery as needed or desired. 

Postpartum Visits: Following the birth,  we will discuss the needs and desires of the family and schedule a postpartum follow up visit at the place of birth, roughly within the first 36-72 hours of delivery.  The doula can provide emotional and informational support for the family, assist the mother with breastfeeding as needed, and provide a list of resources within the community to further support the family in various capacities.  The second postpartum visit will occur within the following 2 weeks. This visit is intended to allow the doula and family an opportunity to discuss the process and outcomes of the birth, share any thoughts and feelings about the birth, or any challenges with their life as new parents they may wish to address. This visit also lets the family share feedback with the doula (this is incredibly valuable and very much appreciated, in order to help the doula serve future families with the best support possible!). The second postpartum visit will conclude the doula’s professional services.  I will be available through email if the family has questions or concerns to which she can provide references to contact as needed to further help them build a network of support for their parenting journey.

Babywearing Education: If the family has an interest in learning about the myriad of baby wearing benefits (for parent and baby), and the various baby carrier options available today, an additional 90 minute postpartum visit may be scheduled at your home.  I have over five years of experience with babywearing, and have been trained, and certified by the Center for Babywearing Studies (www.centerforbabywearingstudies.com) as a professional Babywearing Consultant.  A variety of carriers are available for to use during our session to allow the family the opportunity to experiment with  different carrier options might best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Photography:  I will photograph the labor and delivery experience if desired by the family and as possible in conjunction with providing labor support.   A “mini-session”  (15-20 minutes) of newborn and family photos can be taken at the postpartum follow up visit.  A disc of edited images will be provided to the family within two weeks following the session; the disc will either be mailed to the family  or available for pickup. 

Fees: Complete Birth Doula Care, $700.00 A 25% non-refundable retainer fee is required at the time of hire. The remainder of the first 50% of the total fee is due by the 38th week, and complete payment is expected in full by the 40th week.  If you and your family are facing a challenging financial situation, and receive financial assistance from the State, please contact me about payment plans or a payment on a sliding scale.  I feel the work and loving care I offer is a service that is invaluable for families, and want to help make it an affordable option for you, if I am able.  

Thank you for the opportunity to support and be of service to your family in this beautiful time of your life.  I look forward to working with you through your birthing journey! 

Postpartum Doula Services:

Postpartum doula care is available at the rate of $20.00/hour.  At this time I am able to accommodate families in the greater Brattleboro area only.  I am available to provide postpartum care for mother, baby, and family.  I offer informational, emotional and physical support, assist with bonding, breastfeeding, and caring for your newborn.  I am available to do light housework, and provide babywearing education.  I will happily provide you with referrals to outside resources if presented with a situation that is medically-oriented, and/or beyond my scope of practice.  Please send me an email to discuss your needs.