The idea that a mother and her baby should have uninterrupted time to bond and connect is invaluable and so terribly important for a loving and strong mother-child relationship.  However, no mother should go it alone.  "It takes a village to raise a child".... come to the Moonhouse, and discover yourself as a valued member of the parenting community.

The Moonhouse is a place where you can find compassionate support, guidance, and wisdom which honors you.  During prenatal months, labor and birth, and the postpartum time, I am here to offer encouragement, to listen to your wishes, and provide support for what you, and your family needs.

 I offer mothers and families a source of judgement-free support, encouragement, guidance. I am available as a birth doula, a postpartum doula and a babywearing consultant.  I can help families navigate their prenatal time by creating and defining a vision for the birth that will honor and meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I am available for stable, compassionate, and caring labor support. I can work with mamas and babies to navigate challenges in the postpartum period, and help them acknowledge and address their challenges, and connect them with further help and support that they may need.  

Rebecca Snow, DONA trained birth doula and CBWS certified professional babywearing consultant. Photo: Joanna Tano

I have been trained as a birth doula through DONA International while living on Maui.  Prior to our time on the Island, we lived in North Carolina where my daughter was born, and prior to that we were in Northern Cailfornia where my son was born.  I found my calling to connect with birth and perinatal support during my beautiful experience of pregnancy and birth while my husband and I were farming in California.  Before becoming a mother, I was an organic farmer; I had received my BS in Ecological Agriculture from the University of Vermont.  I had traveled and farmed around the country, and had poured myself into the realm of sustainable agriculture and community food reliance.  At the end of my pregnancy I left my job in the field and decided to stay home and raise our son.  I felt my entire life,  had been completely transformed and shifted.  I became consumed with the magic of motherhood.  We had an amazing team of competent and compassionate midwives, and I KNEW  that my journey with birth was just beginning.  

Babywearing was a skill that shaped my experience of motherhood profoundly.  I lived in a rural, agricultural valley and didn't have anyone there to show me the ways.  I had to teach my self, and reach out to long-distance friends  who were young mamas to try to get tips, pointers and sources of information.  Once I got the hang of using my carriers, It gave me a sense of freedom, of competency, and of calm.  I was able to get outdoors and hike and explore the canyon that surrounded us, as well as wear my son as we did errands on our trips to town.  I wore my son throughout my pregnancy with his sister.  By the time she was born, babywearing had become second nature, and I wore and carried her since birth.  The ability to keep my children on my body  where they  were safe, comfortable, and connected to my being as we moved through our days was invaluable for both their sense of security and natural development as well as mine as a mother.  My passion and appreciation for the art of babywearing lead to me to become a  Certified Professional Babywearing Consultant through the Center for Babywearing Studies.  It is my sincere pleasure to aid and guide families along their path and incorporate the wisdom of babywearing into the lives of their families.